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Floating Lab

To build words
and music.

To build images
Still and motion.

To imagine and
project scenes.

Musical Chairs
For active audiences
to interact.

Floating Lab
Visual Arts &
E97SN #London #Hackney

Floating Lab
For six years, the Floating House has been a co-living space for more than 50 people. It was always shared in four to cover rent and expenses. It built over time a community of people in visual arts and social sciences around an ethos: sharing ideas, conversations and knowledge are the new currency.

A white board
The Floating Lab is its daytime version: a platform for creative collaborations in visual arts to experience, debate and unleash artistic visions in collaboration. It is opened to artists, curators, photographic intances, independent makers and innovative social enterprises.

Minimal & Modular
The space can be delivered furnished or empty, with or without chairs. Silent, full of light, the Floating Lab welcomes workshops and complex stories to be shared with professionals or a hand-picked audience out of the noise.

Its wooden board allows large prints and photo books to be presented. Its largest white wall is suited for multiple projections. Slow fashion has its stage for curated moments out of the traditional and costly fashion arenas.

Ping for a stage, a playground; a rate card.